Welcome to Trike the Northwest

By common difinition, the Pacific Northwest includes, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of British Columbia.

Trike The Northwest is a forum to talk about trips made on a motorcycle throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is also a site that is geared towards those of us who ride 3-wheelers. The title really should be "Trek The Northwest" but I decided to stay with Trike for now. The plan is to allow members to create their own articles and post them. To tell the rest of us of their rides, trips and experiences. To discuss and provide tips and all other manner of stuff.

So, what is a Trike?

By definition, a TRIKE is:
  • A 3-wheel trike (including a Can-Am or Piaggio MP3)
  • A motorcycle with a sidecar.

You must have a 3-wheel sidecar/trike endorsement to ride any of the following types of vehicles on public roads in Washington (WA), Idaho (ID) & oregon (OR). By law, your trike or motorcycle with a sidecar may be impounded if you operate it without the proper endorsement.

Exceptions: You don’t need a sidecar/trike endorsement on your driver license to operate a 3-wheel vehicle if it meets all of the following requirements:
  • The seat is in a partially or completely enclosed seating area.
  • The vehicle is equipped with safety belts.
  • The vehicle is steered with a steering wheel.