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Friday, 18 August 2017 13:25

Region "I" Rally, Tillamook Oregon

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August 16, 2017 ~ Lesley & I left Spokane and were bound for Tillamook to the Region "I" Rally and were fortunate enough to score an Aspen Tent camper for this trip.  If memory serves, it was a pretty day.  Everything was going well until we got to around the Tri-Cities when I realized that we had a little problem.  I stepped on the foot brake and it went all the way to the bottom.  The words that I uttered in the Intercom system would make a sailor blush.  If pumped the brake, I could get rear brake action.  The problem came when I had to make a quick stop.  Not sure if I would have enough time to pump up the brakes so, I decided to keep the distance between us and the vehicle in front of me larger than normal.  The front brake was just fine and it actually did a very good job at stopping the bike.  Even in a panic stop.  This did surprise me and I was thankful that these actions were few and far between.  We stopped for the night at "The Dalles" at the Motel 6. Got checked in and got some things out for the night. I still wasn't sure what the cause of the brake failure.  I looked under the back of the bike and I couldn't see any brake fluid on the ground, even after pumping the breaks several times.  I checked the master cylender and found it was low on fluid.  Well, there was nothing to be done since it was to late to see the service folks at the Honda shop.
   So, we decided to get some dinner and enjoy the night in a soft bed, Soothing our aching backshides. We visited the folks at the front desk and asked where a good place to eat was. They pointed us in the direction of "Cousin's Restaurant & Saloon." They are with walking distance so off we went. Now I must admit that I was quite impressed with this establishement. This is a place to go back to for sure. If memory serves, I had "Tom's Turkey with Dressing" and Lesley had the "Home Style Pot Roast." But then again, it could be vica-versa for sure. I do know that the dinner was wonderful.

August 17, 2017 ~ Today is the day we make it to Tillamook. To start the day off, it was once again back to "Cousins'" for breakfast. Breakfast was every bit as good as dinner. Portions were awesome, the coffee was good & hot. The service, just like the night before, was terrific. We highly recommend Cousins' for a hearty meal. You won't be dissappointed.
   After packing the bike back up, we went to the local Honda shop, "Fun Country Power Sports", to discuss this issue with the brakes and to see if they had any ideas. Well, put it short, they had no time for me.  The Service Manager told me that he had no one who could take a quick look.  And he wouldn't have till at least the next day. I found myself rather upset with this dealership. Afterall, there is a substandial amount of money that is invested in to a Goldwing GL1800 and you would think that the Honda shop would be a little more help. Suffice it to say, it sure seems to me that this is the norm. What's even worse was we were from out of town on the way to a rally, I explained this to them and all I got was basically a blank stare. So off to the parts counter I go, purchased a bottle of DOT4 brake fluid and I was rather rude when I handed over the money to pay the man. Where is the world is customer service these days? I topped off the Master Cylender, put the covers back on and off we went.
   After topping off the brakes, we were off to Tillamook. Our route will take us through Portland to catch US 26. After a short drive, we turned off of US26 to OR 6. This took us through Wilksboro and over the mountains and in to Tillamook. What an awesome ride through Tillamook State Forest. We arrived unscathed at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds and here's where we set up our tent and proceeded to enjoy life.

August 18, 2017 ~ We started the day with opening ceremonies at the rally preceeded by breakfast. After all that was completed, we were left to enjoy the rest of the day. If memory serves, we made our way towards the Tillamook Creamery but it was being remodeled and the parking was crazy, as in none available. So, we decided to check out the Blue Heron French Cheese Company. We did purchase a couple of items but we did have fun looking around at all the items for sale. Oh, lets not forget the tasting area where you can sample their products. From here, we made our way up to Garibaldi to take a look around. We stopped a local cafe for a bite to eat and for the life of me, I can't remember the location but it was pretty good. We then journeyed down to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. Not only was it a beautiful ride to the lighthouse, the lighthouse itself was quite spectacular. We walked down the path and interestingly enough, there are "Turn Outs" along the way to rest and check out the scenery. I made use of those both ways to be sure. I don't remember ever seeing a lighthouse up close and personal. I've seen a couple in the distance when I was a lot younger, but this is the first one up close. To see the workmanship that goes in to one of these structures and to see up close the safety they provide to passing ships in the night is awe inspiring. What was really a hoot was, while we were at the landing behind the lighthouse, there were a few whales playing in the surf out towards Pillare Rock. We made the trip back up the slope to the bike and there to great us were a few deer munching on the grass. Was a nice sight to see. From there it was back to the Fairgrounds for dinner and fellowship with our fellow wingers.
   It should also be mentioned that there were some games to be played as well. You know, "Split the Pot", "Trike Games" and the like. All fun to be sure. And, at around 8:45PM we started to gather for the "Light Parade." Almost every Goldwing Rally has one of these and they are always fun. Some riders get quite serious about "Lighting" up their rides. I know we did. Maybe not as much as others but there is a point where I will draw the line. Anyway, arrangments are made with the local Police Department to help us hold this event. They have at least one vehicle in the lead with lights going. Other officers block intersections for us so we don't have to stop. So, if you can imagine somewhere around 100 plus Goldwings traveling down the city streets with lights flashing and horns honking then maybe you can get an idea of what it is like. The townsfolk come out the sidewalks and wave along with take pictures. And of course, we honk and wave back. It's all in good fun. You see, we're trying to show people that not ALL bikers are terrible/horrible people. The light parade was a huge success and we along with the townsfolk had a great time.

August 19, 2017 ~ Train Ride from Garibaldi to Rockaway
August 20, 2017 ~

Cousins' Restaurant & Saloon,2114 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Motel 6 The Dalles, 2500 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Fun Country Power Sports 1318 W 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Region I Rally
August 17, 18, 19, 2017
Tillamook, Oregon


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Saturday, 17 June 2017 14:22

Trip to Enterprise, OR.

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Back when we were members of GWRRA WA-N, we made a trip to Enterprise, Oregon for an overnight motel stay. On this particular trip, we were in a chase car. Our GoldWing was in the shop getting the differential repaired. The ring gear and pinion were broken. But that is a story for another day. It was kinda fun being in the Chase Car and we heard from our group that it was nice to have us there just in case something bad happened.

We stayed at the Ponderosa Motel.  Had dinner at the La Laguna Family Mexican Restaurant. We also visited the Wallowa Park & Campground.

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