First trip on the Trike

First trip on the Trike was interesting to be sure. I’ve ridden on two wheels and trust me when I say, this is way different. Getting used to the bike being so wide in the butt is tough thing to get used to. First time I rode it, I almost scraped the owner’s car. Lesley & I had drivent to Umitila in a U-Haul pickup with a trailer. I hadn’t gotten my motorcycle endorsement yet. Anyway, Buster told me to make sure I turn with the handle bar. That was a new concept to me. Before I leaned the bike on corners. But, with practice I got pretty good at it. We loaded it in the trailer and off we went back to Cheney. Unloaded the ride and drove it in to the garage for safe keeping till I started my training. Have to say that we did sneak out and take short trips on the bike but stayed off the main hiways, I didn’t want to get a ticket and maybe take by bike confiscated. Still, we had fun even on the back roads around Cheney.

After I got my license we rode around spokane and surrounding area to gain more experience. Then we went on our first real trip.

Updated: September 11, 2019 — 11:02 am

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